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Budget Analysis Savannah Alexander Eastern Michigan University Professor Dave Ivers PLSC 352 Public Budgeting Introduction Budgets have been very helpful as forecasts used by organizations and governments to predict and get prepared of the possible spending trends in the future financial years.


Budget analysis Determination of Goals and objectives of the City It is very important to determine and consider the goals and objectives of the City Council of the Ypsilanti in the initial stage of preparing the council’s budget. Knowing the goals and objectives will help me as the budget officer understand and draw appropriate boundaries that reflect mission and annual goals of the organization1. Goals and objectives of the council will work as benchmark that guide me in staying within the limits of the council’s expectations of growth and development. Determination of Expenditure As the budget officer of the City of Ypsilanti, I will make thorough and critical consideration of the current expenditures incurred to help me in structuring and estimating the scope of expenditure likely to be incurred during the next financial year. As the budget officer of Ypsilanti City I will determine the contemporary expenditure records of the city council on various areas of its operation. This will help me draw a budget forecast of the next financial year.2 I will basically make consultations with the accountant and financial officers in the council. ...
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