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Accounting for Decision Makers -Discussion Question

The major weakness of Rio Valley involves low levels of net income. In 2014, the net income was $1,425,000. This is very low when compared to the revenue amounts in 2014 of $5,100,000. The low net income explains that the operating expenses form a huge proportion. The company should thus adopt strategies that ensure financial efficiency. One example entails, adopting production technology that minimizes labor requirements, and thus reduces labor costs like salaries, motivation, retirement, and training expenses.
One common size measure utilized in analyzing dollar amounts is the percentage increase in sales, based on 2010 as the base years. The sales level in 2014 is $5,100,000. This sales level illustrates 127.5% increase in the 2010 value of $4,000,000 (Al & Wayne, 2015). 127.5% of $4,000,000 = $5,100,000. El Paso should thus invest in Rio Valley, due to the sales revenue increasing trends. However, adequate strategies must be utilized in minimizing production expenses and also operating ...
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El Paso thus has to analyze the financial statements of Rio Valley, so as to determine the strengths, weaknesses and common size applications. The key strength of the Rio Valley company is the increasing…
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