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(Student Name) (Instructor’s name) (Course name) 12th November 2012 Morocco country risk assessment In their efforts to maximize profits and increase shareholders returns, local and multinational corporations are considering investing in other countries.


Based on the economic growth that the country has experienced in the last 12 years, it becomes a viable country where foreign firms can establish their operations. Thus it is essential to undertake assessment of political and economic risks that exist in the country. This paper analyzes the risks that a multinational corporation will face by investing in Morocco. Location and climate As mentioned earlier, Morocco is located in North Africa. With a coast on the Atlantic Ocean, Morocco is bordered by Algeria on the east side, Spain on the Northern side and Western Sahara to the southern side. The country lies between 36° and 27° . One of the major notable aspects in Morocco is the significant number of mountains that includes Atlas Mountains and Rift Mountains. Being the fifty-seventh largest country in the world, Morocco has a number of cities that includes Oujda, Safi, Agadir, Meknes and the capital city Rabat among other towns. Based on the high population that stands at approximately 34 million people, the government has embarked on establishment of various income generating activities with an aim of sustaining the high population (Clark 36). The major type of climate in Morocco is Mediterranean. Due to the rich nature of the coastal plains, the country heavily relies on Agriculture as the major source of foreign income. ...
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