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Globalization Table of Content Introduction 3 Concept of globalization 3 Businesses’ engagement in CSR 4 Globalization through FDI 5 Role of nation states and impact of MNCs 6 Reasons for Chinese economic growth and its impact on global economy 7 Conclusion 7 Reference 9 Introduction This paper represents detailed study on different aspect of globalization.


If continuous changing climate across the world has been impacting on sustainable development worldwide especially in business perspective, then globalization is the parallel process created by human beings which has been continuously creating opportunities for sustainable development to developed, developing as well as under developed countries. It is the ongoing process that is linking people, culture, economies and markets of different countries together and at the same time acting as a key driver for global sustainable development. This is universal wind that resulted in our everyday’s lives and being intertwined with the people in all part of the world through the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the movies we watch and even the ideas we innovate and hold. Concept of globalization Globalization as removal of barriers of trade so as to facilitate smooth flow of capital goods as well as services it is driven by trade has reached at an unprecedented pace. It has laid down the path of creating new opportunities that contribute in accelerating economic growth and reduce the level of poverty. Concept of globalization came from increasing trade among all the nations based on standardized regulations. ...
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