Evaluate Sainsbury plc's financial strategy

Evaluate Sainsbury plc
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Sainsbury Plc Student name: Subject: Professor: November 20, 2012 Sainsbury Plc is one of the top grocery store chains of stores within the confines of the United Kingdom. The research delves on the company’s historical financial statements. The company’s head office is strategically located in Holborn, United Kingdom.


The same financial statements easily encourage the current and future stock investors to put more funds into the Sainsbury Plc coffers. Evaluation of Sainsbury plc’s financial strategy. 1. Evaluation of Sainsbury’s choice of sources of funds using appropriate theory: Accounting theory dictates that there are several sources of funds (Nikolai 222). In layman’s terms, the sources of funds include all amounts that flow into the coffers of the company, Sainsbury Plc. The sources of funds include the amounts paid by the customers for purchasing Sainsbury Plc’s products and services. The sources of funds include the amounts received from loans and other liabilities. The sources of funds include the amounts invested by the Sainsbury Plc’s current and future stock investors. The other sources of funds include the amount received for selling the company’s assets. The Sainsbury Plc assets include all other non-cash and cash equivalent properties. The noncurrent assets include the property, plant, and equipment, intangible assets, inventories, and derivative financial instruments (Sainsbury 51). Sainsbury’s acquires several sources of funds. ...
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