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The business plan proposes a bed and breakfast business to be situated in Tybee Island. The core objective of the proposed business is to become one of the leading and most preferred temporary lodging centres in Tybee Island.


The business intends to capitalize on personalized services, and its unique location to attract new customers and retain the existing customers. The business also intends to create an environment that will facilitate a pampered comfort that is far beyond the projected business competitors. The business will as well incorporate contemporary technology in its operation to holistically renovate the flow of tourism in Georgia. Services The business plans to create rental units that will target foreign tourists. Secondly, the proposed bed and breakfast business also projects to tender a guideline services to foreign tourists on the most eye-catching tourist sites in the areas. The business as well projects to work together with others tourists’ agencies and businesses in order to offers packing slot at a special rates. A part from offering tourism services, the business also plans to offer breakfast services such as preparing breakfast foods to its customers as well as preparing high quality and delicious meals to its customers. General Staffing For a starter, the business plans to employ 91 employees. Among them, seven professionals with be mandated with the responsibility of the general management of the business will the others will be regular employees with specific responsibilities. ...
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