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INTERNATIONAL ACCOUNTING STANDARD MIB WATER FOR ALL (MIBW4A) Name: College: Course/number: Evaluating business plan Launched in 2010 after a group of friends identified the need to fill the market gap, MIBW4A main objective was to use venders and technology to supply clean water to the consumers and families especially in South American State of Peru.


Wanting to conduct business, MIBW4A identified an economical and sustainable method of providing safe and treated drinking water. "Most other efforts to bring clean water to the underserved citizens had relied on volunteerism and had ultimately failed. Those efforts were not market-based and proved to be unsustainable" Kaputt said. MIBW4A established a strong and mutually profitable partnership with the water vendors to help in the distribution of low salt level drinking water to the consumers (Salzman, 2012, p.5). Objectives of MIBW4A Public Health: To reduce the rate of death and health related complications which arise from use of unsafe water. Profitability: To create a sustainable business enterprise with a potential of generating revues excess of the operational costs, and be able to finance future growth. In addition, the company aims at establishing itself by developing quality brands, popular among its consumers. Community Building: MIBW4A would employ and hire technical and casual staff to service their water filters and serve the vendors or other distributors. Besides, the company will focus on community educational programs about benefits of consuming clean water. ...
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