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Introduction to Accounting Assignment (my own reference is BDR: the writer can ignore this)

The upcoming holiday season should find at least one Supa-E in every ten shopping carts and this should translate into large volumes. It is expected that sales will be higher in December. The Press Association (2011) indicates that the last few days of December before Christmas are the busiest shopping days. Supa-E is a new drink and it is expected that after sampling consumers will maintain a high level of interest. The ingredients are similar to that contained in Red Bull but it is tastier and healthier as the proportions of some of the ingredients such as guarana has been reduced. FactExpert (n.d.) indicates that guarana is one of the ingredients in some energy drinks. Supa-E will be packaged in plastic bottles. Plastic bottles are popular for packaging all types of drinks and food items and there are a number of reasons for this. ...
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To: Potential Investors From: Potential Entrepreneur The Energy Drink of Champions Introduction Supa-E is the energy drink of champions. The expected date of introduction is December 16, 2012. The market requires a healthy alternative to those that currently exists and Supa-E will fill that requirement…
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