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Proctor and Gamble is an international company which specializes in personal care products and cleaning agents. The company has origin in the United States but it has subsidiaries all over the world.


The products of choice in this paper are Ariel and pampers. Ariel is a cleaning agent while pampers is a personal care product which is applicable mostly to babies to protect them of baby rashes as a result of wetting themselves. The products have been launched in various countries with the aim of diversifying the marketability and scope. Ariel soaps and detergents target all households including offices (WHITE, 2009)). Both high end and low end customers are targeted. The new products for Ariel and Pampers will be launched into the maturing market considering the fact they have been in existence for some time. P & G faces several threats from other companies such as Unilever and Henkel which are firms that are growing very fast. However, there are various opportunities which prevail such as the strong marketing mechanisms that the firm uses and its reputation which makes its product very firm and stable (HOLLIS, 2010).). Price sensitivity of pampers and Ariel detergents Ariel and Pampers products are all less sensitive to price. This is because each company has the liberty to sell its product at the price it desires given the different materials required to make the product. The other competitors such as Johnson and Johnson, Unilever have their own products which do compete with the case products hence it can price them according to their own estimation. ...
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