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Personal Statement Motives and Ambitions Throughout my undergraduate study I have deepened my understanding of applied mathematical theories and numerical methods, particularly in applying mathematics and computing in the financial sector. The financial markets are experiencing rapid globalization and international economic development; therefore, investment decisions must be based on the accurate analysis of industrial information.


In addition, the pursuit of short-term profits over long-term stability adds risk to investments and may cause another round of financial crises. By applying mathematical and computational models, more data and information can be processed, such as influential market factors like companies’ earnings and operations. I believe that my mathematical study and personal interest in financial engineering will not only provide me with the background for a master’s degree but also broad development for my future career. Academic Achievement To demonstrate my quantitative ability, I took courses in real and complex analysis. I scored 90 percent, which was high enough for me to rank in the top 10 percent of test takers. I also scored 90 in mathematical methods, which contained many numerical techniques, such as partial differential equations, that can be useful in the study of financial engineering. Before entering university I received training courses in computer programming algorithm and languages such as PASCAL and C. I continued to study computational methods and scored highly on both the individual assignment and final exam (score of 87 percent). ...
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