The Television As A Product In Relation To Edward De Bono Thinking Hat.

The Television As A Product In Relation To Edward De Bono Thinking Hat. Assignment example
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The television has become an evident product in the today’s generation. The television provides communication services to individuals. The television empowers lives in many ways especially through providing important information…


Through the television information on sports, current good or bad happenings air at the comfort of our homes. Information on the weather enables people to plan for events before they happen. The television is a good source of entertainment accessed at a cheap price and at the convenience of others. Television definitely empowers individuals to live a better life through showing the progress of global happening (Hanson, 2010). Experts denounce the watching of television due to reasons such as the disengagement of people from politics, the obesity issue and the negative images of women it displays. Innovation of the television faces controversies for current years. The fears that it is only a matter of time before the television losses market to upcoming technological devices that enhance the outreach. Over the air, the television only has common channel. Individuals result to paying cable and satellite providers to offer extra channels. The consumer market is tired of purchasing more content most of which we are not interested (Lin & Atkin, 2007). Edward de Bono thinking tools The “Six thinking Hats” is an important powerful tool used to make decisions from different perspectives. Edward de Bono created the tools, which assists individuals to think outside from their normal thinking style. ...
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