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Research Paper example - Policy Memo- The proposed Trans-pacific Partnership

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Research Paper
Finance & Accounting
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POLICY MEMO- THE PROPOSED TRANS-PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 MEMORANDUM 3 Introduction 3 Historical Context 3 Key Features 5 Benefits for United States 5 Criticisms against TPP 6 Conclusions 7 Works Cited 8 MEMORANDUM TO: XXXX FROM: XXXX DATE: XXXX RE: The proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement Introduction The Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement came into effect in the year 2005…

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There has been an ongoing negotiations of TPP and has drawn several protests and criticisms from the elected officials, advocacy groups, and public, mainly due to the secrecy involved in these negotiations, the wide scope of the agreement and a large number of controversial clauses that had been found in the drafts that had already leaked to the public. The primary goal of the TPP negotiations is creating a platform that can lead to economic integration amongst the nations in the Asia Pacific region (“Background and Negotiations”). Historical Context Initially, the Trans-Pacific Partnership was known as Pacific Three Closure Economic Partnership (P3-CEP). The negotiations related to this agreement began in 2002 in one of the meetings attended by the leaders of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). This meeting of the APEC body took place in Lao Cabos, Mexico, and some of the prominent leaders who participated in this meeting were Ricardo Lagos, the President of Chile; Goh Chok Tong, the Prime Minister of Singapore; and Helen Clark, the Prime Minister of New Zealand. ...
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