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M2A1 Introduction This paper deals with a detailed analysis of a case study, Tenex Greenhouse Investors. The case study is about Tenex Greenhouse Ventures, a venture capital company. The case study will be analysed on investment potential perspective of the company to find out issues and provide recommendation for the issues.


Dr. Samuelson, the founder and CEO of CardioFIb should accept investment from Greenhouse or not and Rudernman, the co-founder of Greenhouse should continue with this investment offer to CardioFib. These two key questions will be answered based on in depth analysis of the case study. Trends in venture capital Venture capital business is very much essential for today’s aspiring entrepreneurs for giving lives to their innovative ideas and insights. This business acts as catalyst for the any innovative innovations and risk associated entrepreneurship. It creates job opportunities, stimulates economic growth of a country or global economic growth and recovery. The venture capital industry has been undergoing in substantial transition. It is termed as rightsizing. The leading global players in this industry have been shrinking due to poor return on investment and decrease of potential new entrepreneurship to asking capital for venture. This industry enjoyed a substantial growth rate in pre dot com bubble era. The transition has been underway in quite slow motion due to frequent economic downturn in global economy. Still, the venture capital firms with wide market presence have been enjoying good return (Pearce & Haemming, 2012, p.1). ...
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