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COMPANY LAW Name Institution Business law has a great bearing in the success of a business. These laws are mechanisms that have been put in place to oversee a conducive business environment. Basics fundamental business laws that apply in a business set up include, contract law, property rights, land rights, land titling system, intellectual property rights, company law, collateral law, and insolvency law (Cheesman, 2009).


Further, company law largely interprets business law to the affected parties. Business just like any other discipline, which involves interaction between two or more parties, cannot be wholly exonerated from instances of conflicts (Emerson, 2009). Business law attempts to address diverse issues in a business. It enables swift and efficient enforcement of contracts. In addition, it ensures adequate legal protection to both private and personal property; it ensures clear framework and mechanisms for transferring and registering property. Furthermore, it also sees to it that intellectual property get due protection and enforcement. Business law ensures stability and the existence of a framework able to accommodate the management, operations, and establishment of companies. Company law puts in place a legal framework on how companies operate. It handles issues such as company formation, regulations in terms of limiting liability of members and general company’s functions and performance. Company law protects both investors and the public in their daily business transactions. Investment law offers grant to some businesses irrespective of their legal form. It also contains regulations in respect to transfer of shares in the Capital market. ...
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