Ethical Issues in Emergency Medical Service Operations

Ethical Issues in Emergency Medical Service Operations Research Paper example
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Over years, there has been impressive growth in the field of pre-hospital medicine. With the continued growth in the body of knowledge, the challenges of pre-hospital emergency medical care have become more operational as compared to medical


In these operations, more providers continue to face ethical dilemmas with regard to the principles of justice,beneficence and respect for autonomy which would be focused in this paper. The major issues that arise from the ethical dilemmas involving these principles discussed in this paper include limiting resuscitation, informed consent, confidentiality and duty to provision of care. Introduction The emergency medical services have their operations guided by the law. However, legal guidance could fail to provide the solutions to arising problems as many situations fail to be addressed by the law as observed by Tintinalli, Cameron and Holliman.Furthermore, a great variation could exist in the laws that govern one state to another.As such, the ethical theory gives a universal standard approach to giving solutions.The law could also be ambiguous hence fail to give clear guidance or could be quite specific hence applicable to cases that are substantially similar. Ethics would thus be critical in addressing the ethical imperatives that obligate emergency medical services.With the pre-hospital providers charged with the duty of interacting and negotiating with the patients and counsel those who need to be counseled, potential ethical issues arise. ...
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