Professional Accounting Skills For Business Decisions

Professional Accounting Skills For Business
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Introduction; This paper is a reflective writing of what I have experienced through the professional accounting skills in decision making module. There has been a lot of development which I have gone through which includes skill development, communication, transactional analysis development, psychological and physiological development, and personality development (Phillips, 2005).


Through the group works that I was a member, I developed the skills of being able to think deep in my presentations. The group members demanded that everyone has to contribute in the group works which made me to think deeply before making my contribution. This made it possible for me to give relevant contributions that were within the context of the topic. 2. Perceptual skill; perceptual skill is the skill of being able to interpret information presented to you. As a member of the module group, I was expected to interpret the topics that we were undertaking. Through my time in the group I developed the ability to interpret issues brought to me. This helped me in reading the questions to discuss and come out with an explanation on what we are supposed to cover. Thus, I developed the ability to illustrate problems we are supposed to work on from the assignments allocated. 3. Motor skill; motor skill is the ability to move and control muscle. As a group member I benefited in this skill as the group involved a lot of field work. There were assignments that involved getting to the field to learn practical experience covered in our module. Thus, I experienced a lot of movement in collection of information that were needed in compiling field work findings. ...
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