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Essay example - Independent Television (ITV)

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Finance & Accounting
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Independent Television (ITV) was one of the ancient business networks established in the United Kingdoms in 1995 with an aim of channelling news and eradicating monopoly business that was dominated by BBC during that period (ITV, 2012). …

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Independent Television (ITV)

Independent Television was one of the ancient business networks established in the United Kingdoms in 1995 with an aim of channelling news and eradicating monopoly business that was dominated by BBC during that period. The company consists of broadcasting Channels that include the following; City television, Itv1, Itv2, Itv3 and Itv4. ITV Company sells formats and programs in the United Kingdom as well as in other parts of the world. The major sources ITV revenues emanates from sales and advertisement. Additionally the company provides online services to its clients through Among the services being rendered by ITV include; online advertisement and online sponsorship. In above connection, the company conduct other operations through its ITV studios such as; entertainment, dramas, factual to name just but a few. In 1958, ITV directors issued 300,000 common stocks at four dollars each to the public through initial public offer.The company had been expanding across the world and has been portraying positive growth in the stock market.

Therefore, based on the above report on portfolio analysis, I would advice Mike to invest his savings in ITV company because the company has higher returns that Mike can obtain and retain the rest given the fact that he is a conservative investor. Additionally, the company has lower risk exposure as indicated by its gearing ratio. Therefore, if Mike invests his savings in ITV securities he is guaranteed security of his investments. ...
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