Decomposition Framework for Financial Analysis

Decomposition Framework for Financial Analysis Essay example
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Introduction During the 20th and 21st centuries, the economic boom was at its peak. Due to this fact, a substantial number of financial institutions and companies were founded and traded. Therefore, investors, government, businessmen and institutions were to decide and select the best possible combination of companies to invest so that they could increase their wealth by investing in an appropriate portfolio.


In this regard, the security valuation and financial statement have become very important. Financial analyses are those financial tactics and methods which help in comparing and evaluating the different investment opportunities such as projects and firms, to ensure and evaluate that the available opportunities are appropriate for making investments. Generally, the procedure of conducting financial analysis is based upon the past performance of a firm. The historical data is then used to evaluate the future performance of the company; therefore it is not at all necessary that evaluations are 100% accurate. Financial analysts usually obtain data from a variety of sources available, including income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. Through these financial statements, analysts determine the ability of a firm to meet its liabilities and obligations, stability of a firm, level of profitability and liquidity and then compare them with their competitors in order to provide insights into the firm’s position as compared to the industry or its competitors. In balance sheet, the underlying financial position of of a company is present. ...
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