Prepare 2 short research proposals on one topic. List of topics for research proposals : 1. Contemporary issues in the foreign

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Research Proposal on Contemporary Issues in the foreign Exchange Market Overview of the Topic The foreign exchange market is the worldwide buy and sell of currencies. This is the market responsible in determining the value of diverse currencies around the world.


This has resulted in international trade begin done mostly by one of the three currencies, (Shamah, 2011). The foreign exchange market is very sensitive as its result affect a lot of aspects of the world economy. For example, according to Ulrich (2009), it determines the cost of importing or exporting raw materials from one country to another. This in turn determines the cost of production which influences the price of the goods and services. Research Questions Firstly, what is the effect of the global economic crisis of 2008 in European currencies? Secondly, what is the effect of the global crisis of 2008 on the United States of America dollar? What is the effect of the 2008 economic crisis on developing and under developed countries currencies? Are there artificial reasons such as price fixing that influence the foreign exchange market? The effects these artificial reasons have had in the foreign exchange market. Data Required Answering Any of the Questions I propose to test the first three questions. The three questions are generalized under the effect the 2008 economic crisis has on the foreign exchange market globally. I will sample currencies of at least three countries in Europe, the United States of America three developing countries, and one under developed country. For Europe, I will consider the United Kingdom, Germany and Greece. ...
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