Company Analysis - Ipremier Case Study

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Ipremier did not perform any better concerning the attack, if the hacker had any ill intentions with the company they would have enacted it and gone in time (Austine, Leibrock, & Murray, 2007).


Turley is in a hotel room during the attack, it takes him time to coordinate a team to handle the crisis. The worst is that the team or the employees of the institution do not have proper knowledge of the technical operations of the system or the website hence they have to move all the way to the provider who cannot be reached over the phone at the time. The customers are at stake since their credit cards are in the verge of being stolen at any moment then. Taking into account the short period presented to Bob to handle the crisis as the CIO, we have to commend him for the enormous tasks he had to perform. It is also important to note that one of the obstacles is that the scenario was complicated. The case shows vividly that all the communication line got broken down during the attack prompting stress and panic among all the junior employees (Pendlebury & Groves, 2004). There is no clear division of duties to enhance the operations of the firm effectively and efficiently. Duties and responsibilities have to be assigned during the attack and this is further fueled by the existence of the outdated emergency procedures. ...
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