Ddbates concerning knowledge are not relevant to accounting and its practice

Ddbates concerning knowledge are not relevant to accounting and its practice Essay example
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DEBATES CONCERNING KNOWLEDGE ARE NOT RELEVANT TO ACCOUNTING AND ITS PRACTICE BY NAME: CLASS: PRESENTED TO: DATE: Debates Concerning Knowledge are not Relevant to Accounting and its Practice Introduction Discussions about what constitutes knowledge have been ongoing for a long time, and were extensively covered by some of great philosophers like Plato, Humes, Kant and Socrates.


As such, knowledge has its limits; some synthesis of object matter is needed through reasoning to create understanding. To objectively generate new knowledge various sources of knowledge exists that include; induction, intuition, observation, experience, testimony, and introspection among others. Plato cautions that those seeking to understand knowledge must distinguish it from opinion. For example, accounting statements have to be viewed objectively other than subjectively in creating reality and true knowledge. In my view, knowledge is fixed, absolute, and eternally true while opinions are changeable. Therefore, for one to be a true knowledge seeker, then they must naturally not consent to opinions, but have to strive with unwavering passion to establish the essential nature of things that constitute facts. However, it is not certain that accounting operations can lead to such knowledge or truth, making knowledge not an essential consideration in accounting profession. ...
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