National Express rejects takeover bid from First Group (Financial Times, 29 June 2009)

National Express rejects takeover bid from First Group (Financial Times, 29 June 2009) Research Proposal example
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NATIONAL EXPRESS REJECTS TAKEOVER BID FROM FIRST GROUP Name: Submitted to: Course: Date of submission: Introduction The failed acquisition between National Express Group plc and FirstGroup plc is a typical phenomenon of a hostile acquisition and acquisition business purchase.


1.2 billion pounds to banks (Gill, 2009, p 1). The United Kingdom government has also complicated National Express financial woes by the government refusal to renegotiate the conditions for its East Coast rail franchise with the transport business. The hard-line position adopted by the government is attributed to East Coast rail franchise being the most lucrative in the United Kingdom serving the United Kingdom commercial hubs such as Edinburg and London. Besides, citing the government role in its financial crisis, National Express board also cited its quest to solve the ?1.2 billion debt as its first priority before reconsidering the bailout from FirstGroup limited. In, addition, National Express board viewed FirstGroup as their rival in the transport business and thus postulated a sellout of the company to FirstGroup as surrender to a business enemy. National Express boards were thus eager to retain the legacy of their company’s in the transport industry (Miller, 2011, p 85). Despite, the rejection of FirstGroup offer, acquisition and acquisition provide the best bailout opportunity and option to rescue National Express from the current financial hardships. This research thus draws on the case sturdy of National Express and FirstGroup to rationalize on the best solution to solve a corporate organization financial solution. ...
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