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CURRENCY CRISIS Name: Institution: Part One The recent appointment of Mark Carney as the next Bank of England Governor for the subsequent five years has elicited several response. This is ascribed to the fact that several people had anticipated that Paul Tucker, the deputy governor was the one going to succeed Sir Mervyn King, the outgoing governor.


However, his academic excellence and outstanding performance in various portfolios he has held proves his critics wrong (Blackden 2012). The responsibility of salvaging the United Kingdom’s currency crisis will be his primary responsibility as the governor of the Central Bank of England. Blackden’s article in The Telegraph highlights some of the attributes that Mark Carney possess that makes him a good choice for the position. The article clearly outlines possible ways that economists think Mark Carney would use to restore Britain’s dwindling economy. In this way, it has proved and highlighted some of the theories proposed earlier by economists in their attempts to explain the causes and ways of minimizing currency crisis. Mark Carney has been portrayed to believe in closer supervision and maintenance of high capital requirements for large financial institutions (Blackden 2012). This is opposed to what Sir Mervyn King advocates. However, it is worth noting that underdevelopment of the banking sector can cause a currency crisis. This is because the central bank may focus on financing the banking sector to bail them from their financial problems at the expense of maintaining the peg (Komulainen 1999). This may bring currency instability leading to a currency crisis. ...
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