Innovations Management In Organizations. Eastman Kodak Company.

Innovations Management In Organizations. Eastman Kodak Company. Assignment example
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Today, organizations perform in very dynamic environments. For example, technology keep on changings, new risks keep on emerging, and competition keep increasing as new players join the industry in which these organizations operate among others


In order that organizations keep up with these changes, innovative problem solving techniques are required; otherwise organizations which do not embrace keeping up with these changes risk being edged out of competition by their rivals (Dooley & Lupton 2005). Amongst the worst challenges that organizations are faced with today is keeping up with technological changes (Dooley & Lupton 2005). Change in technology (both technologies required for running activities of organization or their products) has been so dynamic that organizations or companies which do not keep up with these changes may not be able to compete since their products or operations may be rendered obsolete (Dooley & Lupton 2005). For example, everything today is shifting from analogue technologies to digital technologies which are considered more convenient in terms of cost, efficiency and speed (Harmancioglu et al. 2007). Just to mention a few products or industries which have been tremendously affected by the technology changes: cameras (digital cameras seem to be replacing traditional film cameras), TV (digital transmission is replacing the traditional analogue transmission), and phones (emergence of mobile phones have replaced the traditional telephone booths) among others. ...
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