Russian taxation and tax optimization schemes

Russian taxation and tax optimization schemes Essay example
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Name Course Tutor Date of submission Topic: Russian taxation and tax optimization schemes Introduction The Russian Tax Code regulates taxes in Russia. The taxes include the federal taxes and levies which consist of VAT, excise duty, personal income tax profit tax among others.


Tax optimization schemes can therefore be said to be the structuring and organizing of a company’s or individual’s activities in order to reduce of minimize that their tax liabilities. This exercise which is becoming legal increases the amount of money maybe a company wishes to reinvest in its productive assets or even distribute among its shareholders (Saez, Slemrod, and Giertz 13 –50). There is no way to escape interacting with the tax authorities. Of the surveys conducted in the recent past, it emerges that there has been charged additional tax liabilities which are related to VAT and profit tax. These tax charges were due to insufficient economic documentation and justification. There has been consistent strengthening of the tax policy in Russia. This has lead to a marked reduction of tax payments. The Russian government introduced changes. These tax changes protect the integrity of the country’s tax system. These changes included the introduction of amendments to the general anti-tax avoidance provisions. These are part of the tax optimization schemes that Russia is implementing. They include income tax exemptions and the introduction of the option of a tax liability in cases where a tenant qualifies for tax deductions. There are also schemes that let companies avoid declaring de facto members of staff as employees. ...
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