Strategic Planning for South County Hospital in making it a ACO

Strategic Planning for South County Hospital in making it a ACO Term Paper example
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Name: Institution: Professor: Date: South County Hospital Strategic Plan towards Converting To an Aco PERIOD: JAN 2013- DEC 2016 Executive summary Health care is a fundamental human right for all people. Increasing number of people in south Rhode have been requiring this service owing to the increase in occurrence of life style diseases and more people being informed of the need for regular and frequent medical check ups.


Low profitability of the hospital has placed it at the bottom of the reimbursement. South Rhode hospital intends to solve this situation by joining a heath service provider system such as Care New England. This would make it an Accountable Care Organization benefiting from the merger with other hospital. This would assist the hospital toward continuity of their mission and achieving their vision (Cleverley 288). The merger with other hospitals would help South Rhodes hospital to acquire better bargaining power in procuring services and other requirements. It would also enable SCH to refer some of the severe case to other hospitals within the system. Section One Strategic focus Aim of the plan This plans to improve the financial position of the sc hospital, increase net income and overall profitability. ...
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