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Financial Management and Accounting - Essay Example


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Financial Management and Accounting

In general terms, funding for medical institutions such as SUNY Downstate can come from various sources and that it also depends on the type of services provided. But the main source of income is of course its patrons - those individuals that receive and purchase its services: students, organizations and patients. For example, its academic institution has 1,751 students and 1,049 residents. The University Hospital of Brooklyn specializes in a comprehensive pediatric care. It serves a tri-state area but in New York City along, there is about a million and a half children who would need medical attention (SUNY 2012). The University Hospital of Brooklyn also derives revenue from its care services, such as inpatient visits, Outpatient visits, ambulatory surgery, emergency room visits, dialysis Procedures, health fairs & health lectures (SUNY 2012). Besides the revenue from the students, patients and other patrons, the institution also relies on the donations and grants from both private and public sector and involves the capability of the staff to secure them. The federal government has funding obligations to institutions like SUNY Downstate. But such subsidy or grants are not guaranteed especially in the case of a bad state of the economy (Anderson, 2011, p. 241). The staff, hence, has to be creative in finding funding alternative sources. A case in point is Dr. Sheldon Landesman, the assistant dean of clinical education at SUNY Downstate. Dr. Landesman is considered one of the primary movers

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Management and financial accounting
Its headquarters are in South Wales but, it is growing nationally with Jeff (owner) as the sales and marketing personnel and Evans (employee) as the financial manager. The company is expanding further to form newer departments in the organizational structure like HR, Customer Service etc
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Financial Management and Accounting
In this paper, I seek to discuss aspects of financial management and accounting in a healthcare organization’s setup – nursing home. Identification of the Type of Organization – Nursing Home A nursing home refers to a set of “facilities with three or more beds that routinely provide nursing care services” (Evashwick, 2005, p.
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Management accounting and financial accounting
The expert accounting conception and scientific accounting dexterity regarding measurement of performance, analysis, auditing and final reporting are as well pertinent to the supervision of healthy and sustainable ecological performance. With the increased international community's recognition of the ecological concerns, so has there been a simultaneously increased demand on accountants to provide comprehensive ecological costs and information on performance.
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To support such changes, companies have altered their management accounting practices to adapt to the ever changing environment. There is sufficient research done by the authors discussed in this work, to support such a statement.
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Financial & Management Accounting
This aspect of accounting concerns itself with learning about the effect an organisation has on society and about its relationships with an entire range of stakeholders to whom it is accountable. These would include all those groups who affect and/or are affected by the organisation and its activities.
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Financial accounting, management
Financial accounting deals with financial information to the people outside the organization, whereas managerial accounting prepares financial accounts for the people inside it (Differences Among Accounting, Finance, and Economics 2006). Finance, on the other hand, is the discipline dealing with the allocation, management and usage of "monetary resources over time" (Finance 2006).
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Management and Financial Accounting
Management Accounting is also useful for preparing the accounts for the non management group such as shareholders, tax authorities and regulatory agencies. This also includes of preparing the Formulation of plans and budgets which will be converted into financial accounts.
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Accounting and Financial management
The second section, Appendix A, includes as a reference contains the actual financial ratios, showing the company’s performance from 2000 to 2005. Using these appendices
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Management accounting and financial accounting
hat it serves as a powerful tool for decision making of operational, strategic, performance, forecasting, measurement as well as other factors that together represent the composition of a business. The coaxial relationship of the opposite ends of the accounting practice is
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Financial and Management Accounting
Accountancy data are prepared for people who are not involved in day to day running of businesses and institutions. It is the summarization of the
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in securing funding for the institution having repeatedly secured million-dollar grants when he worked at the Department of Medicine as a researcher (Fischer, 2009, p.6). Today, SUNY claims to have about $62 million worth of grant funding for its research centers and laboratories (SUNY 2012). The discourse on funding highlights the importance of financial information primarily from the point of view of the institution's decision makers as well as other stakeholders such as shareholders, grant agencies, donors, among others. In this respect, SUNY Downstate is not that different from the conventional organization. The rule is that financial information is critical in decision-making process. Cleverly, Cleverly and Song (2010) identified five specific reasons why that is the case. They explained that financial information is important in: 1) evaluating financial condition of the organization; 2) the evaluation of the stewardship of the institution; 3) the assessment of operational efficiency; 4) the assessment of operational effectiveness; and, 5) the determination o the compliance to operational directives and standards (p.5). SUNY Downstate as a private organization has to ensure that financial information is generated, accurate and timely. The financial information or data generated within the organization are used by a highly diverse group. Of course, there is the case of the management. It informs the decision-making process within the organization. Managers cannot possibly introduce sound, effective and viable initiatives, policies and actions without financial information. For example, without data about the financial structure of the company, its management is unable to determine the correct mix of various types of debts and equity (Gibson, 2010, p.203). Then, there were the other stakeholders such as the investing public, credit grantors, suppliers and so forth. It is


SUNY Downstate Medical Center For this activity, I selected SUNY Downstate Medical Center, an "urban medical center", consisted of several academic and research institutions and the University Hospital of Brooklyn. The medical center, hence, provides education, research and patient care services and programs, within what its president called as academic medical center institutional model…
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Financial Management and Accounting essay example
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