Managerial Accounting Practise in Saudi Organizations

Managerial Accounting Practise in Saudi Organizations Essay example
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STATE OF MAPS IN SAUDI ORGANIZATIONS MAPs and its significance Management Accounting Practices is considered to be an important tool for an organizations management to promote both affectivity and productivity. Especially keeping into consideration the small enterprises, MAPs prove to be a vital information system for well structured and well defined information processing.


The State and Extent of Using Modern Management Accounting Techniques In Particular in Making the Right Decisions Decision making is considered to be an all inclusive and widespread process that consists of various activities such as identification of the problem or the concerns, allocation of certain weights or ranks to the identified problem, evaluation and implementation of the alternative plans. Management accounting on the other hand is related to the appropriate use of relevant information in order to facilitate and direct managers to undertake informed business decisions effectively and efficiently. The most advantageous fact of management accounting practices is that is does not require conforming or following the national accounting standards which further gives a liberty or room for the business people to adopt customized management accounting techniques that are most effective in terms of their business operations. For realizing the affectivity in the decision making process, organizations combine or merge the advanced quantitative and qualitative techniques. ...
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