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Lending & Securities Course

This study has been conducted based on secondary research mainly information from the official website of the company. It will deal with in depth research on wide areas of banking activities and its target customers. NBAD practices both commercial and investment banking activities and it offers flawless banking services to individual as well as institutional customers. As this study mainly focuses on commercial lending, therefore, need of long term and short term financing of the potential consumers needed to be analyzed. NBD has disclosed detailed information related to its short and long term lending like starting from the details of different lending schemes for individual as we institutions, investment banking services to business for raising finance and other strategic financial activity, eligibility criteria and requirements of security for lending, banks analysis of future value of securities deposited by the banks etc.According to the report findings National Bank of Abu Dhabi is market leader in core business lines in this industry. The company follows franchisee based business activity. It is the largest banking franchise in UAE with more than 140 branches and 740 ATMs and cash deposit machines across the UAE. This banking group is also major player in the corporate banking or business arena. It provides portfolio management and wealth management services to HNI individuals.  ...
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This discussion Lending & Securities Course represents a report of a detailed study on short term and long term commercial financing by a leading bank of United Arab Emirates. The name of the selected bank for this study is National Bank of Abu Dhabi…
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