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Finance & Accounting
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RIFA (Author’s name) (Institutional Affiliation) Introduction The report I am about to present will review, examine and discuss financial positions of four people, most of whom (with the exception of Jonny) are from the Murray family. This report will employ different financial methods and techniques in order to come up with valid conclusions and answers to the various questions facing Jonny and different members of the Murray family…

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Key Words financial terms, jargons, financial methods and techniques Discussion a) Jonny 1) According to Turner’s 2004 report, pension crisis is caused by two major factors. These are the downturn in financial markets and unpredicted improvement in longevity (Whitaker 1997, pg. 16). Of course there are other factors as well, but these two elements have the biggest role to play in anybody’s descent into pension crisis. Bill Murray should therefore watch them closely if he wants to avoid being caught up in the cobweb that is pension crisis. 2) A money purchase scheme is a variation of defined contribution pension schemes (Hearn 2004, pg. 32). It is normally created by employers as a pool from which they can pay their retired employees income. Despite the employer sponsoring it, it is managed by a board of trustees (with the only exception being public sector schemes). The Trustees are in charge of paying death and retirement benefits. The amount of income payable depends on the amount of contributions made to the scheme by an employer or member, the performance of investment funds and the annuity rate at the time one is retiring. 3) Jonny is not too young to think about pension schemes. ...
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