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Term Paper example - Enterprise Analysis: Starbucks Corporation

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Enterprise Analysis: Starbucks Corporation Term Paper example
Term Paper
Finance & Accounting
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Starbucks Coffee, Tea, and Spice was named after the coffee-loving first mate in Moby Dick and got a logo of the two-tailed siren, symbolizing power and strength (Reis, 2009; Perera, Kerr, Kimura, & Lima, 2009). …

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A Seattle coffee shop offered to its customers fresh-roasted whole bean, ground coffee in bags and quality tea for home consumption (Shultz, 2011; Perera, Kerr, Kimura, & Lima, 2009). The initial investment to this shop was $ 9,050: 5000$ from a bank and $1350 from each partner (Perera, Kerr, Kimura, & Lima, 2009).
In September, 1982 Howard Schultz began working at the first Starbucks as a head of marketing for the four stores of small coffee company (Shultz, 2011). During one of the business trips to Italy, Howard was so much inspired by the special ritual and friendly atmosphere in Italian coffee bars that he decided “to bring world class coffee and the romance of Italian espresso bars to the United States” (Shultz, 2011). Upon his arrival to the US, Shultz has shared his idea with the first owners of Starbucks, but it was not supported and he left the organization.
From II Giornale to Starbucks (1984-1989)
In 1985 Howard Shultz founded own retail coffee company, named II Giornale, selling coffee and beverages made with Starbucks grains (Shultz, 2011; Perera, Kerr, Kimura, & Lima, 2009). Sixteen months later, Howard Shultz at the age of 34 had purchased Starbucks company, it name and logo for $3, 8 million (Shultz, 2011). That was a beginning of a new stage in Starbucks history. ...
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