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Financial Institutions Management Name University Introduction Depository institutions are subject to a reserve requirement ratio (Madura, 2011 p.90). Some authors contend that the depository institutions are one of those institutions that are the most heavily watched and regulated in different part of the world (Koch and MacDonald, 2010 p.34).


They not only provide financial services to the locals but to the international clients as well (Rezaee, 2001 p.5). In addition to that, Berger et al (1995) provide that a bank’s market capital requirements as the capital ratio that increases the value of a bank in the absence of regulatory capital essentials. In the following parts of this paper, first depository institutions working in the Australia have been elaborated. It is followed by the ANZ De-composition analysis, highlighting the profit margin and other factors. Subsequent to that, it is followed by the calculation of the duration of ANZ’s assets and liabilities. Within that part, the evaluation has been added to define the impacts and representation of different terms. It is followed by the part yield curve mentioning the impact of a 10 basis point upward. Regulatory framework for depository institutions (500) There are two major depository institutions (DI) groups working in Australia. Banks and the non-bank depository institutions are authorized to deal with and provide related financial services. In Australia, the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) is the central body authorizing the financial institutions to conduct the financial intermediation. With the passage of time, the size of banks has substantially increased by volume and number of banks and bank branches. ...
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