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Cineworld Group PLC Table of Contents Introduction 3 Objective of the report 3 Critical evaluation of the corporate governance 3 Relation between performance and corporate governance 4 Conclusion 6 Recommendations to the company 7 References 8 Introduction Every company has a specific mission and a vision that it aims to achieve to become a successful and a profit making organization.


Objective of the report The objective of this assessment is to highlight the relation between the performance and the corporate governance of the company. The company chosen for this assessment is Cineworld Group PLC. In 1995 Stephen Wiener founded Cineworld Group plc. Initially it was a private company but in the month of May in 1997 it became listed on the London Stock Exchange. It is the only listed cinema company in the UK. It consists of around 70% of the total UK box office market and owns 60% of the total number of screens in the United Kingdom (Cineworld Cinemas, 2012b). Critical evaluation of the corporate governance Cineworld Group PLC is a listed FTSE 250 company in London Stock Exchange. It follows the corporate governance code and conduct of United Kingdom for the companies below FTSE 350. The board of Cineworld Group PLC has eight members out of whom there are two Executive Directors and number of Non executive directors is six. Among the non executive directors five of them are independent and one non executive director works independently. There are three main committees namely remuneration nomination and audit. Each of this committee works in their respective fields. ...
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