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TOPIC: Research Porfoilio Name: XXXXXXXX Professor: XXXXXXXX Institution: XXXXXXXX Course: XXXXXXXX Date: XXXXXXXX Contemporary issues in the foreign exchange market Overview of the topic The foreign exchange market, also referred to as the forex market, is involved with the trading of global currencies.


81). Due to the increased level of global trade, the foreign exchange, market has grown since as early as 1980 to present. It is estimated that on average, global foreign exchange turnovers have increased from $1.7 trillion in the year 1998 to $3.98 trillion in the month of April, 2010 (Weithers, 2012, pp. 221). Amidst all this growth, the foreign exchange market has had its challenges and emerging issues which affect its operations and growth. One of the major challenges facing international trade is global and regional recessions such as the global credit crunch and the EU financial crisis. Economic openness or regions also highly impact the forex market. Some of the emerging issues in the foreign exchange market include financial instruments such as in spot transactions, forwards, swaps, future and options. Hedge funds have also developed with the growth of the forex market. ...
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