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Review of Accounting Ethics Name University Business ethics are the code of conduct and the values which run the business and make them take the right decisions. In short it is to know what things to do and what things to refrain from. Business ethics are not only related to the insiders of the organization that is their human resource, but also is related to shareholders, customers and every single person who is related to the business directly or indirectly.


Accounting ethics is a vast term and have a lot of minor details in it. Looking at just the basics, it can be defined as providing right financial details to the company and to its stake holders. Numbers are something which can be manipulated very easily for one’s own interest and that is where the rules and regulations are made to make sure that the accounting ethics are not breached at any level. Businesses make sure that each and every account is made and maintained in the right manner (Cohn, 2013). Accountants work in many different areas and fields. They are not focused on one particular subject but have to handle a lot of work at a single time. The accounting areas majorly include performing audits, making tax statements, making budgets and planning for the future, manage the ongoing accounts, consultancy and of course, preparing general accounts. Having so many things to handle, there is an opportunity for them to make frauds at each level or subjects they are working on. The greed of making huge amount of money in no time makes them get onto the wrong track and that’s where the ethical issues start coming into action (Mele Carne, 2005). ...
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