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Management Accounting 2 Name of the Student University Table of Contents Answer 2 3 Answer 3 4 Answer 4 7 Reference 11 Answer 2 WealthWise is an Australian company involved in offering insurance and investment services to the customers since 1986. The company was floated by Jeannette Dai, who initiated the business with the intention of contributing to the society through social work, and not just profit maximization.


The present CEO of the company, Sylvia Trott had realized that the company is inclining towards past achievements and the employees were not satisfied with this behaviour of the management towards them. So in order to measure the performance of the company, a sustainability approach has been adopted to identify certain key performance indicators of the company, such as: a) Social Indicators, b) Economic Indicators, and c) Financial Indicators. a) Social Indicators: The social indicators of WealthWise are the satisfaction level of the employees, percent of female employees in the top tiers of the management, number of employees recruited, who used to unemployed teenagers, ethical ranking that were given by the customers for the sales staff, and the number of native employees in the company. b) Financial Indicators: The major financial indicators that were considered are the return on investments, insurance premiums, and the net profit of the company. ...
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