Analysis of Current Issues in Finance

Analysis of Current Issues in Finance Essay example
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ANALYSIS OF CURRENT ISSUES IN FINANCE Name Institution The Conceptual Business Model Growth in technology and markets impel companies to adapt their systems of information technology and structures for efficient management with excess fiscal challenges that arise often.


On one side, the change process must be rapid and fast while on the other hand the process of supporting the information technology systems consists of improving on the multifaceted interrelation. Their repercussions on the expected change can normally be dependably managed by letting various people involved. Therefore, the procedures involved in the organizational change call for both managerial competencies and analytical skills in coping with high level of convolution to concentrate on the process (Van, 2001; p. 112). All the tasks call for the incorporation of individuals who have unique views such as business experts, senior management or IT-professionals. Hence it is critical for the efficiency of management of change to enhance the process of communication over such professional cultures. There are various ways to research and boast the organizational change process. Majority of the methods are found on social and psychological dimensions. Other areas comprise of change in management, organizational learning, enhancement of communication, images within the organization and organizational culture. These strategies amount to a good comprehension of the process of change, focus on the fundamental aspects of success and thus enhance the management and design of the process of change. ...
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