Personal desire to achieve critical research in the field of risk management

Personal desire to achieve critical research in the field of risk management Essay example
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Personal Statement The recent failure of the financial market has created a large challenge for the world economy to cope with by inflicting it with instability. This instability has greatly elevated the need for regulation and wiser risk management; and hence the adverb, “Failing to plan is planning to fail,” has never been more relevant than it is now.


I had the great opportunity to work at Glorysky Group and Macau Natural Gas, both of which have provided me with intensive training as well as a valuable opportunity to implement my skills and knowledge from my studies. I conducted research in the global energy market and compiled regular reports regarding energy price fluctuation, which I presented to the group’s executive managers. My research has provided my supervisor with credible information about various topics, ranging from price volatility to anticipated profits due to fluctuations in international LNG demand. Furthermore, I was involved in the provision of risk-hedging strategies to Macau Natural Gas, mainly on interest rates and exchange rates, which are the company’s major concern. My research and strategy has contributed valuably to future funding plans, as well as to discovering the best market opportunities. These experiences contribute majorly to my research proposal. Furthermore, to ascertain competence in this field, which lies outside my economics curriculum, I have endeavored to gain some additional qualifications more relevant to the field of risk management. For this purpose, I studied and passed the Professional Risk Manager (PRMTM ) designation. ...
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