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Essay Topic: Professional Accountant: The Roles of Institutional Investors of ACM Shipping Group, Plc. Your name Subject Professor’s name February 2013 Executive Summary This essay takes into view the role of institutional investors in the financial market, particularly in the company they are investing in.


At present, the company has eight major institutional investors that hold a large share in the company. It is noted that the company follows faithfully the Code of Governance in UK that provides balance representation of executive directors non executive directors in the Board. Non executive Directors are supposed to control and monitor performance of management to protect its shareholders. However, in doing so, conflicts in management arise. My Personal view is presented at end of the topic saying that the Code of Governance should have sanctions or penalties to strengthen compliance. Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 Section 1. Introduction 4 Corporate governance 4 Institutional investors 5 Section 2. Roles of financial investors in the financial system and in the business 5 Section 3. Major potential conflicts of interest that affect non-executive directors 6 How they are addressed by the corporate governance code. 6 Section 4. Comments on fulfillment of duties of non-executive directors 7 Bibliography 8 The Roles of Institutional Investors of ACM Shipping Group, Plc. 1. Background information. ACM Shipping Group Plc is a company incorporated in UK in 1982. Since then, it has grown to be one of the world’s leading international shipbrokers that provide full range of integrated ship brokering services for the global market. ...
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