International Financial reporting: Please see below other instruction

International Financial reporting: Please see below other instruction Essay example
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Name Professor’s Name Course Date A comparison of the Financial Report Kingfisher Plc and Home Retail Group Plc (a) Introduction This is a report of the financial comparison of Kingfisher Plc Year ended 28 January 2012 and Home Retail Group Plc 53 weeks ended 3 March 2012.


The records of the company shows tremendous success for the year 2011 given that during the year it delivered a sales growth of 4% and this was realized through strong cash generation, tremendous progress in research and development. The shareholders returns was increased by 8% through ordinary dividend growth and a supplement dividend of 5% as well as #2.2 billion share buy backs. A total of #5.6 billion was distributed to shareholders in cash in 2011 an increase of 75% as compared to the same in 2010 (Grant 2012). Home Retail Group, the UK’s leading home and general merchandise retailer is required for the financial year just ended to report its audited financial results for the 53-week statutory period ended 3 March 2012 as compared to those of Kingfisher Plc Year ended 28 January 2012. I a difficult operation environment the business have managed to its costs and cash effectively. The company is headed to for more success in the future through prioritization of their investments in its leading multichannel capabilities to shape how their customers shop in the future, ensure they bring unrivalled convenience while valuing their customer’s everyday lives irrespective of where they shop. In as much as the company recorded a cautious trading approach, the spending in its markets reduced tremendously than expected. ...
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