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Title: Performance management Name: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Professor: XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Institution: XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Course: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Date: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Introduction Armstrong and Baron (1998) define performance management as both a calculated and incorporated methodology to bringing fruitful outcomes in organizations by refining the performance and increasing the competences of groups and individuals (Kanigher, 2005).


It involves establishment of within reach targets as well as clearly outlining roles (Kanigher, 2005). Development of Performance Management This discipline traces its origin in the 20th century, where managers developed the process to determine whether the remuneration paid to workers was reasonable (Kanigher, 2005). One of the earliest contributors to this theory was Fredrick Taylor, with his scientific management theory, which he developed by studying the work process scientifically. In his work, he studied how work was done and how it affected people productivity (Kanigher, 2005). His findings were that workers and managers need to cooperate with each other, work needs to be simplified for efficient results to be achieved and, he advanced the idea of “a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work (Kanigher, 2005). This was during the industrialization era, and at that time, factory managers had little contact with workers leaving them to produce on their own. This left workers with poor motivation, because continuation of employment was the only incentive at that time. ...
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