Corporate research paper "multinational finance"

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Name Course Professor’s name Date United Airlines United Airlines (UAL) is the major United States airline with the largest number of destination and passenger flights. It caters to the customers’ demand of maximum luxury and comfort during flight. It is the most in-demand airline for all employees and shareholders to invest.


Its fleets are the most fuel-efficient among all the US network carriers. It has ten most advantageous central locations in the four largest cities in the US (UAL, Factsheet 1). The overseas subsidiaries of UAL are United Express, Ted, Continental Express and Continental Connection carriers. United Express and Ted are premium and low-cost subsidiaries of UAL. With these two subsidiaries, UAL participates in the entire scale of the consumer market. These are regional operators and act as additional services of UAL’s mainline network. These subsidiaries add to UAL’s operations by carrying flights that connect to the mainline service. These subsidiaries also can allow a more number of flights in smaller cities than would not have been economically viable with full sized mainline jet aircraft (UAL, Form 10-K 5). The total number of aircrafts owned and leased by the subsidiaries is 552 (UAL, Form 10-K 29). In 2009, UAL had an operating revenue from mainline passengers of $11,313 million as reclassified and $11,910 million as historical. In the same year, UAL had an operating revenue from regional passengers of $2,884 million as reclassified and $3,064 million as historical. Other operating revenues were $1,602 million as reclassified and $825 million as historical (UAL, Form 10-K 99). ...
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