Practicing financial planning (easy!)

Practicing financial planning (easy!) Essay example
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Name Course Course Instructor Date Practicing Financial Planning Part (a) At the moment both of you are 35, in the next five years you will be 40, are there any specific targets in terms of income or assets, which you wish to accomplish before that point in time?


I deduce that your joint income is 140,000 dollars, do you have any other sources of income besides your regular salaries? At the moment, have you enrolled, or do you plan to enroll in any career development programs? What are the chances that anyone of you will get a promotion or a significant pay rise at the work place in the near future? What are the chances that anyone of you intend to switch from your current careers to alternative engagements? Have you discussed any possibility of jointly owning some assets in the near future? What kind of business ideas do you have you have at the moment? Do you think your current levels of income are sufficient for funding the kind of initiatives that you have in mind. ...
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