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Finance & Accounting Class Introduction to Finance & Accounts With Professor Name Course work Assignment 1 (Word Count: 1,660) Student Name Student ID Report for Go Ahead Group Plc February 2013 Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Introduction 4 Ratio Analysis Current & Previous Year 5 Comparison with Prior Period Results 6 Comparison with Industry Average 8 Key Performance Indicators 8 Advantages and Limitations 9 Appendix 1 11 Ratio Analysis (Go Ahead Group Plc., 2012; 2011) 11 Appendix 2 11 Annual Movements (Go Ahead Group Plc., 2012; 2011) 11 References 12 Executive Summary The financial position and performance of a company may be analyzed by a number of ways.


The paper uses Profitability, efficiency, liquidity and shareholder ratios as the basic tools. The more complex tools like IRR, WACC etc are ignored to keep the analysis simple and meaningful. In addition, the paper identifies the Key Performance indicators (KPIs) of the company and highlights the basic steps taken by the company to achieve the KPI targets. The company’s current year’s results with respect to the KPI targets are also discussed and highlighted. To:             Board of Directors of Go Ahead group Plc. From:         Robert Frost, Accountant Re:             Ratio Analysis and KPI discussion Date:        February 25, 2013 With regard to your concerning the analysis of organizational financial performance and position, I would like to present this report which summarized, analyzes and properly interprets the basic financial ratios of the company. ...
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