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Dell Inc. is one of the leading companies in the computer industry. The firm was founded by Michael Dell in 1984. The firm grew rapidly by implementing a revolutionary supply chain system that eliminated the distributor by selling directly to the customer.


Dell distributed catalogs to customers to advertise its products. The company also let the customers customized their computers. The firm is the largest e-commerce website for commercial technology products in the world (Dell, 2013). Dell has a cero tolerance for unethical behavior. The workforce of the company is composed of a diverse group of people. “At Dell, we’re committed to building a diverse environment that is reflective of a diverse global marketplace and an inclusive culture where everyone is engaged” (Dell (b), 2013). In 2008 the company purchased over $2.4 billion from women and minority owned suppliers. The company is a publicly traded company whose stocks are traded in the NASDAQ under the symbol DELL. The price of DELL stocks as of February 24, 2013 was $13.92 (, 2013). The market capitalization of the company is $24.19 billion. The net income of Dell in 2012 was $3.49 billion. Its net income increased by 32.52% in comparison with 2011. As of February 3, 2012 the total assets and total equity of the company were $44.53 billion and $8.92 billion respectively. The total assets of the company during fiscal year 2012 grew by 15.37%. A growth in total assets is a desirable outcome because it increases the value of the company. The total liabilities of the enterprise in 2012 were $22 billion. The total liabilities of the company increase by 15.51%. ...
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