Contemporary Issues in Financial Services

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Contemporary Issues in Financial Services Insert Name Insert Grade Course Insert Tutor’s Name Submission Date Contemporary Issues in Financial Services Introduction Over the years, global trade has depended a lot on the control and operation of financial services.


This paper will, therefore, identify and discuss some of the key and contemporary issues that have emerged in the financial services sector. The main aim will be to bring into focus some of the key issues in the nature and functionality of financial systems that continue to influence the economy and other financial service operations. To begin, it has been noted that the financial systems in the contemporary society have increasingly been associated with a linkage to overall economic conditions of nations. This will be discussed in the section that follows. Links between the Financial System and the Real Economy The relationship between a financial system and the real economy can be clearly understood in three components. They include the composition of aggregate demand, level of aggregate demand and allocation of resources. Composition of Aggregate Demand The financial system plays an important role in the economy in various ways. At the beginning, one should mention aggregate demands in relation to the total expenditure of goods and services of an economy for a specified period for a specified price (McEachern, 2011). The financial system of an economy has a bearing on the way its aggregate demand is constituted. ...
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