Fin 630 Unit 4 individual project China business culture

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Individual Project: China Business Culture ShanekaDauley Grade Course Fin 630 Individual Project 4 Feb. 22, 2013 China Business Culture Introduction China has become a very attractive business hub, owing to its impressive economic performance in the recent past.


This discussion seeks to analyze the Chinese business culture, with a view to understanding the requirements for foreign investments in China, and thus arrive at a sound investment decision on whether it prudent to invest in this market or not. Discussion The first business culture that should be relevant to understand is the aspect of treatment of visitors by the Chinese (Williams, 2012). In many cities of China, the locals are well conversant with visitors, since they have had a long-term interaction with many visitors. However, the situation is different for the towns that are far from the Chinese capital, where the visitors are likely to be treated with suspicion (Alan, 2012). Understanding this aspect is vital, since it will prepare ACME or any other multinational company that wishes to invest in Chinato understand the likely areas where it can setup the business, since a business is unlikely to thrive when it is being treated with suspicion. The other important business culture that an organization seeking to start a business in China should consider is the restricted and prohibited foreign investments areas. ...
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