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For a small business owner, the following ratios are important to him and he will compare these ratios with that of ratios of larger corporation in the following manner-Current ratio = current assets/current liabilities.


The ideal ratio is 2:1. Inventory turnover ratio = cost of goods sold/ average inventory. It will be compared between firms to check the efficiency in inventory management. High inventory turnover ratio indicates sound inventory management. Return on capital employed = (profit before interest and tax/average capital employed)*100. It will be compared to check how much return the firms are earning in respect of the gross resources been deployed in the firm (Bull, 2007). 2. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of debt financing and why an organization would choose to issue stocks rather than bonds to generate funds. Ans. The primary advantage of debt financing is its allowing the founders to retain control and ownership of company. In contrast to equity financing, it enables the entrepreneurs to make key strategic decisions and to reinvest and keep more company profits. It also provides small business owners the greater degree of financial freedom than equity financing. Debt obligations are limited to the period of loan repayment after which no further claim can be made by the lender on the business. The main disadvantage of debt financing is its requiring the small business to make monthly payments of interest and principal regularly. Most lenders provide severe penalties for missed or late payments including charging of late fees, calling early the due loans and collateral possession. ...
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