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Mini’s Bakery Business Plan Name: University: Course: Instructor: Date: Executive summary Mini’s Bakery is an owner managed sole proprietorship business that is expected to be profitable in the first year of its operations. The business is expected to fill the need among low and middle income earners for bakery products in Chelsea.


The business is expected to utilise technology as a driving force in the future development of its operations. Introduction Mini’s is a start-up bakery business that seeks to provide some of the most demanded bakery products in Chelsea. The business establishment is expected to attract the attention of the local customers through the provision of quality cupcakes and scones. The bakery is driven by the need to provide quality products and it is aspired that a strong market position will be built in the first six months of operations. It is expected that such position will be facilitated by the wide experience of the proprietor in this business and the seemingly low competition in the area. As such, Mini’s Bakery seeks to offer its products at the most competitive prices in the industry and will target both the low and middle income earners as well as tourists. The business The business will be established as a sole proprietorship with the owner having responsibility for operations with the assistance of employees. The sole proprietor has wide experience in both business management and bakery affairs and is therefore well suited to manage the affairs of the business as it seeks to establish a strong presence in the area. ...
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