The impact of London congestion charge,an economic view

The impact of London congestion charge,an economic view Literature review example
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Introduction London had a growing problem with traffic and the increase in car population year upon year, especially in the central London. Traffic congestion clogs up roads and its air quality is the worst of any city in the UK and among the worst in Europe.


This paper seeks to focus in an economic evaluation of the effects of charging. It will be investigated of Business performance, Retail sector performance and profitability in the original central London charging zone, also looking at revenue raised by congestion charge which is expected to facilitate the public transport and social benefit which including road repair. Government has promised that they will invest all net revenue raised from Congestion Charging in improving transport in London. Secondary, the paper also attempt to provides how the congestion charge assist in improving environment. The introduction of charging encouraged travellers to think about the trips they make and discouraged the use of the car (as driver) during charging hours. The surveys aimed to understand what travel behaviour choices drivers made; why they made these choices; and what impact this has had on environment. Thirdly, the Observed traffic impacts compared to TfL’s prior expectation. Finally, the impact on unemployment changes facilitated by charging. ...
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